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Sunday, February 28, 2010

All mixed up! Don't know what to do!

When i was little, i was never shy and never embarrassed. One day, i walked into
the schools bathroom when i was about 6, and i saw a girl in there.
She was holding onto the door, and her friend was inside the stall using the restroom.
Now i had gotten there conversations mixed up, and i thought the girl using the bathroom wanted to get outout, but her
friend, who was holding the door, wouldnt let her, but it was the other way around. The friend was tired of holding the door, so she was rushing her friend. and i didnt realize i had mixed up the conversation until now. Haha. But anyways, i ran to the stall and ripped the door open [thinking i was gonna help her], and the girl was sitting there with her pants down. haha. My face turned red instantly and thats when i began to be shy, and was embarrassed sooo easily.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Public Bathroom viewing!

I never use the bathrooms at school because they are just germ infested and gross! But one day, I had to pee so bad! There was no bathrooms open but the biggest bathroom stall.. so I went in there. I Squated and didn't sit on the toilet. I felt so relieved! but when I was peeing, someone opened the door and I thought I locked it! What made it even worse is, the girl just stood there! I embarassed myself even more by yelling "Close the door!" and acually getting up to close the door! I felt so embarrassed!